‘Shounki Putt’ Lyrics in Hindi by Amrit Maan, shipra Goyal is latest Punjabi Song from the album All bamb with music also given by Desi crew. ‘Shounki Putt’ song lyrics are written by Amrit Maan, shipra Goyal. Cast of this song Amrit maan, shipra goyal. ‘शौंकी पुत्त’ Shounki Putt Lyrics in Hindi or other languages. Enjoy all the latest and old Punjabi songs lyrics only on LyricsSong.

Shounki Putt Lyrics Amrit Maan, shipra Goyal

Shounki Putt Lyrics

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Written by:
Amrit maan

Shounki Putt Song Details


'Shounki Putt' Song Video

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Lyricssong FAQs & Trivia

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of "Shounki Putt" song?

Ans. Amrit maan has written the lyrics of "Shounki Putt".

Q. Who is the singer of "Shounki Putt" song?

Ans. Amrit Maan, shipra Goyal have sung the song "Shounki Putt".

Q. Who has featured in the music video Cast?

Ans. The music video of "Shounki Putt" features Amrit maan, shipra goyal.

Q. Who directed "Shounki Putt" music video?

Ans. Teji sandhu has directed the music video of "Shounki Putt".

Q. What album the "Shounki Putt" song is from?

Ans. The song "Shounki Putt" is from the soundtrack album "All bamb".