‘Puadh’ Lyrics in Hindi by Nirbhay Punia is latest Punjabi Song with music also given by Mixsingh. ‘Puadh’ song lyrics are written by Nirbhay Punia. Cast of this song Nirbhay punia. ‘पुँआध’ Puadh Lyrics in Hindi or other languages. Enjoy all the latest and old Punjabi songs lyrics only on LyricsSong.

Puadh Lyrics Nirbhay Punia

Puadh Lyrics

Ghoriyan De Shonki Wadde Dill
Wadde Lahne Kurhe
Desi Je Subah De Paunde
Canada De Banne Kurhe
Approach Boldi Aa
Bullan Utte Silence Ae

Turhi Di Tralli Wangu
Bankaan Ch Balance Ae
Vibe Gunda Touch
Unjh Nature De Saadh Ni

Area Paudh Maara
Area Puadh Ni
Enni Gal Chobbar Di
Rakhi Bas Yaad Ni 
Area Paudh Maara
Area Puadh Ni

Full Song Release Very Soon...

Written by:
Nirbhay punia

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Lyricssong FAQs & Trivia

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of "Puadh" song?

Ans. Nirbhay punia has written the lyrics of "Puadh".

Q. Who is the singer of "Puadh" song?

Ans. Nirbhay Punia have sung the song "Puadh".

Q. Who has featured in the music video Cast?

Ans. The music video of "Puadh" features Nirbhay punia.

Q. Who directed "Puadh" music video?

Ans. Jespreet singh has directed the music video of "Puadh".