‘Oracle’ Lyrics in Hindi by Kodak Black is latest English Song from the album Haitian boy kodak with music also given by Kodak black. ‘Oracle’ song lyrics are written by Kodak Black. Cast of this song Kodak black. ‘’ Oracle Lyrics in Hindi or other languages. Enjoy all the latest and old English songs lyrics only on LyricsSong.

Oracle Lyrics Kodak Black

Oracle Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I went to sleep today thinking about my nigga Flipper
I was in the streets all day, try not to remember
I'm heavy contemplating, I don't know if I should send the hitter
Somebody tell me stop playing with him before I kill him
Your [?]
They be forgetting to tell you how, when, and [?]
I'm on a whole other wave, ain't promoting violence
I really be slipping everyday but it ain't no robbing
I just got her [?] now she want [?]
I would've picked it up the same way too if you dropped it
I be sharing the same pain with all the lifers
Tonight I'm pulling out thе champagne for all the lifers
My brothеr [?] a gun, he has silencers
I know you niggas be hearing me screaming "Snipe him"
I sent the record label their contract but to 'em
I told 'em send the shit back with a few more [?]
I don't want no girlfriend, baby, I want a woman
Even though I got her now, I'ma still treat her like I wanna
Sitting in a cell niggas scared they might catch corona
Like how the hell I'ma cry if I ain't got a shoulder?

Yeah, c'est la vie

[Verse 2]
Shit was terrible for a man having an opinion
I don't care how fine she is, I'ma need her to go see the [?]
I put it out like I'm crazy but I was playing
I heard everything that everybody was saying
I went to sleep today thinking about my nigga Flipper
I think my momma house need to be little more bigger
I can hold my own dick, dog, 'cause I'm a man
Say take these shackles up off me so I can dance.

Written by:
Kodak black

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Lyricssong FAQs & Trivia

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of "Oracle" song?

Ans. Kodak black has written the lyrics of "Oracle".

Q. Who is the singer of "Oracle" song?

Ans. Kodak Black have sung the song "Oracle".

Q. Who has featured in the music video Cast?

Ans. The music video of "Oracle" features Kodak black.

Q. What album the "Oracle" song is from?

Ans. The song "Oracle" is from the soundtrack album "Haitian boy kodak".