‘G-Wagon’ Lyrics in Hindi by Gurpreet, gurlez Akhtar is latest Punjabi Song with music also given by Prince saggu. ‘G-Wagon’ song lyrics are written by Gurpreet, gurlez Akhtar. Cast of this song Gurlez akhtar, gurpreet. ‘जी वेगन’ G-Wagon Lyrics in Hindi or other languages. Enjoy all the latest and old Punjabi songs lyrics only on LyricsSong.

G-Wagon Lyrics Gurpreet, gurlez Akhtar

Written by:
Teji sarao

G-Wagon Song Details


'G-Wagon' Song Video

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Lyricssong FAQs & Trivia

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of "G-Wagon" song?

Ans. Teji sarao has written the lyrics of "G-Wagon".

Q. Who is the singer of "G-Wagon" song?

Ans. Gurpreet, gurlez Akhtar have sung the song "G-Wagon".

Q. Who has featured in the music video Cast?

Ans. The music video of "G-Wagon" features Gurlez akhtar, gurpreet.

Q. Who directed "G-Wagon" music video?

Ans. Ashish rai has directed the music video of "G-Wagon".